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I will outline the aims of this new e-seminar series and invite suggestions for topics for future e-seminars. I will briefly describe the current status of the DARA project as we approach the end of the second phase of the project. As with every other aspect of life at the moment the basic training programme is being delayed by about one year, but we still aim to complete the whole programme as originally planned. Recent developments in and around the DARA project include Masters students in Mauritius, the Business Consultant to provide advice and starting a business, and aligning with the new emphasis on the co-location of space related activities and radio astronomy under the African Programme coming from our South African partners, SARAO. I will also outline our current thinking for the next phase of DARA that we hope to bid for funding for over the next couple of years. This will include support for the teaching of astrophysics at undergraduate level in African universities, more Masters and PhDs in the UK and Africa and a new focus on postdoctoral fellows in African universities. We very much hope you will be able to join us to provide your input via questions at the end of the e-seminar.

Prof Melvin Hoare, University of Leeds - DARA Principal Investigator

DARA: Now and Future


8 April 2020



11-12:00 UK Time

Open to

DARA current and former students

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