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MSc| University of Hertfordshire


Developing an off-the-shelf Methanol Telescope for outreach and education

- Dr Mark. A. Thompson

  (University of Hertfordshire, UK)

- Dr Gordon Mcleod

  (Hartebeesthoek Observatory, SA)




Noah was a MSc student in radio astronomy at the University of Hertfordshire under the supervision of Dr Mark Thompson (Hertfordshire) and Dr Gordon McLeod (HartRAO). His work involved the developing of an off-the-shelf Methanol telescope that could be used for outreach and education. He is a young African physicist who is passionate and enthusiastic about radio astronomy. Noah was born in Ndola, Zambia and did his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics and Geology at the University of Namibia (UNAM).

In 2013, Noah developed a huge interest in radio astronomy and decided to do his undergraduate research project in the field of radio astronomy under the supervision of Dr. Michael Backes (UNAM). He was one of the few students, who were selected to participate in the 1st Namibian JEDI workshop on Astronomy and Space Science. Upon completion of coursework, Noah worked as a Nightly operator of the H.E.S.S Telescopes in Namibia.

After his graduation in 2015, Noah was selected as one of the few students to participate in the Newton Fund Basic Training in Radio astronomy - Zambia. Later that year, he was among the few African trainees, who were offered postgraduate scholarships to study in the UK under DARA.

After his MSc, Noah’s immediate career plan was to continue with a PhD in radio astronomy and its applications, so that he can actively participate in the SKA/AVN-project.

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