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Network Meeting 2018, 2-4 May

The 2018 annual network event took place in Muldersdrift near Johannesburg, South Africa.  


We welcomed DARA's UK, SA and African partners, together with the advanced training students and the 2017-8 basic training students.  

The purpose of this event was to help build a training and research community across the countries participating in this programme. Academic staff presented their latest work on astrophysics research or instrumentation. Talks on the status of the dishes and developments in each of the AVN partner countries will keep participants informed on AVN progress. Related developments with the MeerKAT and SKA-mid arrays will also be presented.



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Wednesday 2 May

Thursday 3 May

Friday 4 May

  • Radio Astronomy at HartRAO - Alet de Witt, HartRAO

  • Advanced Student - Gladys, HartRAO/Tshwane University of Technology

  • Radio Astronomy at Leeds - Melvin Hoare, University of Leeds

  • Advanced Student - Mavis Seidu, North-West University

  • High Performance Computing - Catherine Cress, CHPC

  • Outreach - Erin McNeill, University of Leeds

  • Development - Vanessa McBride, OAD

Annual Network Meeting 2018


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