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MSc | University of Manchester
Fueling star formation and accretion in galaxies - tracing dense molecular gas. 
- Dr Rob Beswick 
(University of Manchester, UK)

Isaac was a MSc student working under the supervision of Dr Robert Beswick in the Astrophysics Group in the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester. His research primarily focused on tracing dense molecular gas in galaxies to investigate the star and accretion disc fueling activities. Of particular interest to his work was the observation of NGC 1068 using the e-MERLIN telescope at L and C bands to trace HCN, HCO+, OH and H2CO spectral emissions.


Prior to his MSc, Isaac participated in the Development in Africa with Radio Astronomy (DARA) 2016/17 basic training programme. Isaac has also attended the 2017 BAriSta Workshop (Big Data in Astronomy) in Mauritius, European Radio Interferometry School (ERIS 2017), Young European Radio Astronomer's Conference (YERAC 2018), and JIVE data reduction training.


Isaac was awarded a BTECH in Technical and Applied Physics from The Technical University of Kenya.  


Upon completion, Isaac would like to pursue a PhD in radio astronomy and further a postdoctoral position in astrophysics.  Other goals include working with the AVN and SKA team in developing radio astronomy in Africa, as well spending time in local universities promoting radio astronomy.

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