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He was born in Ndola town in Zambia. In September 2013 he received a master’s degree in Electrical Communication Engineering from Tohoku University, Japan. From October 2013 to September 2016 he served as a Lecturer at the University of Zambia in the School of Engineering, Lusaka Zambia. In October 2016 he moved to the United Kingdom. He is currently a Special Research Fellow of the University of Zambia and was a member of the Experimental Radio Cosmology group at the University of Oxford. His research interests are the development of instruments for radio astronomy. His long term career plan is to continue working on building instruments as well as sharing his knowledge through teaching.

PhD | University of Oxford

Radio Astronomy Instrumentation for the AVN

- Professor Michael Jones
  (University of Oxford, UK)

- Professor Angela Taylor 
  (University of Oxford, UK)

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