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MPhil | University of Mauritius

Study of Bright Southern Transient Radio Sources


- Dr (Mrs) Nalini Heeralall-Issur (University of Mauritius)

- Prof. Patrick Woudt

(University of Cape Town)

- Dr Kumar Golap

(National Radio Astronomy Observatory)

- Dr Doobayparsad Baijnath (University of Mauritius)

- Prof. Avinash A. Deshpande

(Raman Research Institute)

Divya is currently enrolled as an MPhil student at the University of Mauritius under the supervision of Dr Nalini Heeralall-Issur (main supervisor). Her research focuses on the 'Study of Bright Southern Transient Radio Sources' which include bright fast radio bursts and giant pulses from radio pulsars. These will be observed and studied from the relatively small dish antennas to be set up at the MRT site in Mauritius to help pick up the bright candidates within their relatively wide field of view.

Prior to her MPhil, Divya undertook a BSc (Hons) in Physics with minor Astrophysics at the University of Mauritius from 2015 to 2018. Her final year dissertation was based on the ‘Design and Construction of a Low-Cost Meteorological Station’ with the aim of monitoring weather for research purposes and sustainable energy projects which need weather data measurements at remote locations without the need of complex installations.

Throughout her academic pathway, she has always shown great interest in the research aspect, mainly science which reflected through her participation in academic projects and competitions. She attended the 2nd African Space Generation Workshop (SGAC) 2018 in Mauritius and the African Radio Interferometry Winter School 2019 in South Africa.

Upon completion of her MPhil, Divya intends to further her studies and pursue on a PhD in Astrophysics and Radio Astronomy. She also wants to work in collaboration with the AVN and SKA for the development of Radio Astronomy in Africa. She purposefully intends to promote the field of astrophysics in Mauritius and collaborate with the local researchers and academics in the education of the Mauritian people in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

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