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PhD| University of Bristol
The bases of extragalactic radio jets
- Prof Mark Birkinshaw
(University of Bristol, UK)
- Prof Martin Hardcastle
(University of Hertfordshire, UK)

Emmanuel is currently a PhD student working under the supervision of Prof Mark Birkinshaw in the Astrophysics Group in the School of Physics, University of Bristol. His research primarily focuses on mapping the inner structure of low-power radio jets in order to resolve the jet outflows. Of particular interest to his work is the measurement of the polarisation of the radio signals - to determine the orientation and degree of ordering of magnetic field in the jet (the synchrotron radiation polarisation) and in the foreground gas (via Faraday rotation).

Prior to Emmanuel's PhD, he participated in the Royal Society postgraduate training programme in radio astronomy and thereafter obtained a funded position through the DARA Advanced Training programme to pursue a one year MSc by Research at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. He also has a BSc Physics (2010) and MPhil,  Applied Nuclear Physics (2013) from the University of Cape Coast and University of Ghana respectively. Upon completion, he would like to obtain a postdoctoral research position in astrophysics, and then to join an active astrophysics research group as fulltime faculty member working with other professionals to contribute to the science goals of the AVN and the broader SKA science community.


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