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Esther was a post graduate student studying Satellite systems at the University of Zambia, Department of Physics in conjunction with HartRAO. She aimed to establish two GNNS reference stations in Zambia and determine their position in the International Terrestrial Reference system (AFREF as per implication) using GAMIT and VIRTUAL MACHINE PROPERTY, taking into account the different sources of error.

Before undertaking this project, Esther obtained a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Zambia and was later enrolled in a short training program in radio astronomy by DARA which enabled her to acquire knowledge in the theory, technical and data reduction techniques including VLBI and also acquiring skills she is now using to promote astronomy in Zambia, and Africa at large.

After her MSc, Esther to further her studies and obtain a PhD position in Astrophysics, with more focus on VLBL, thereby helping to achieve goals of the AVN and SKA while continuing promoting Astronomy in Zambia.   


MSc| University of Zambia

Establishing two global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) stations in Zambia and determining their position in the international terrestrial reference frame(ITRF)


- Dr Roelf Botha 
  (HartRAO, SA)

- Dr Patrick Sibanda
  (The University of Zambia, Zambia)

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