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MSc | University of Leeds
Evolution of radio jets from massive young stellar objects
- Dr Stuart Lumsden
(University of Leeds, UK)
- Prof Melvin Hoare
(University of Leeds, UK)

Evans was a MRes student at the University of Leeds researching on the evolution of radio jets from massive young stellar objects under the supervision of Dr Stuart Lumsden and Prof Melvin Hoare. His expertise spans physics, mathematics, and astronomy. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Physics at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), followed by a masters in Mathematical Sciences at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Ghana campus under full scholarship. AIMS is a network of specialized institutes focused on training high potential young African scientists in the mathematical sciences, preparing them for high-profile research careers and ultimately solving big regional and global problems. He was part of the second cohort of the Royal Society radio astronomy training programme at the Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute.

He has conducted research into the challenge of inadequate weather stations in Ghana by providing an alternative source for meteorological purposes under the supervision of Prof Roger Stern from University of Reading, UK, and mapping subsurface structures to determine the subsurface geologic strata, depth to stratigraphic layers and the competence of the delineated layers for optimizing construction works under the supervision of Dr Akwasi A Aning.  He has given scientific talks at international conferences notably the West Africa International Summer School for Young Astronomers (2017), Africa Open Data Conference (2017) and Africa Geosciences Students Conference (2014).  In addition, he has an extensive volunteering and leadership track record including organizing the 2nd African Geosciences Students Conference at KNUST, participating in the calisthenics display at the 8th All Africa Games in Abuja, Nigeria and leading the AIMS Ghana Christian Fellowship. His aim is to become a Research Scientist and he desires to pursue a PhD after his MRes.

Prior to the start of his studies at Leeds, he worked for the Youth Employment Agency of Ghana as an Assistant Account Manager. As part of his leisure activities, he  occupies himself with humanitarian programmes and science outreaches. He is a lover of the game of chess, art and nature.

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