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Ghana Unit 4 

Dr James Chibueze, North West University, SA

Katie Hesterly, University of Manchester, UK

1-12 July 2019

GSSTI, Ghana

Ten students with an interest in physics and astronomy participated in the Unit 4 training that took place at the Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute (GSSTI) in Ghana between 1st July and 12th July 2019.


The unit was presented by trainers Dr James Chibueze (North West University, South Africa) and Katie Hesterly (University of Manchester, UK) under the guidance of Prof Dickson Adomako (Director, GSSTI, Ghana).


The course covered an introduction to radio astronomy calibration and imaging techniques for spectral and continuum data observed with VLBI arrays. With hands on activities students learned how to integrate Python into their research and gained experience using Linux commands. Students were excited to use skills developed throughout the program to produce calibrated radio maps of astrophysical objects.


Students were also given experience in calibrating data observed with a single dish telescope and became familiar with array designs and Fourier transforms. At the end of the programme many students expressed a desire to pursue a career in radio astronomy, or a closely related field, and hope to have a chance to do so. Many are eager to continue to develop and strengthen their coding and radio astronomy skills.


To acknowledge the students hard work and dedication to the program, a certificate award ceremony was held with the director of Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, students, and trainers in attendance.

Ghana Unit 4 2018-19
Ghana U4
Ghana U4
Ghana U4
Ghana U4
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