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MPhil| University of Manchester


Pulsar Timing with AVN telescopes


 - Professor Benjamin Stappers (lead)
   (University of Manchester, UK) 

- Dr. Patrick Weltevrede (co supervisor)

   (University of Manchester, UK)

Joseph was a MPhil student at the University of Manchester, Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophysics studying Pulsar Timing with AVN telescopes. He aimed to use existing data from Lovell and LOFAR telescopes to study in details glitches (oscillation between two or more rotation states) in few pulsar to also determine how best to carry out these studies using the pulsar backend for AVN telescopes currently being developed by Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.

Before taking up this study Joseph had obtained a Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering from the Multimedia University of Malaysia, worked for Ghana Telecom Ltd, now Vodafone Ghana. In 2011, he obtained a BSc. Engineering Physics (honours) from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

Joseph’s interest in astronomy was heightened upon the introduction and enrolment of short course in Radio Astronomy by DARA, during which he acquired useful knowledge in general astronomy, data reduction technique and technical training. He followed his interest with one week summer school for West African young astronomers in University of Nsukka, Nigeria (in collaboration with Toronto University, Canada).

After his study he would like to continue as a researcher/ scientist to support the goals of SKA of which Ghana is a partner Country while promoting awareness of knowledge of the universe among young students.

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