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Kenya Unit 4 

Dr Naftali Kimani, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Mr Willice Obonyo, University of Leeds, UK

1-12 July 2019

Technical University of Kenya, Kenya

The DARA Unit 4 on astronomical data analysis in Kenya was held between 1st July and 12th July 2019 at Technical University on Kenya (TUK). The unit trainers were both Kenyans, Dr. Naftali Kimani (Kenyatta University) and Mr. Willice Obonyo (PhD finalist at Leeds University-UK and a former DARA trainee).


The course was mostly dominated by hands-on activities which ranged from basics of linux and python, fourier transform and interferometer activities, to reduction of real continuum and spectral data. This being the last unit of the training program, students displayed some level of mastery of linux and python commands and also the theory of radio interferometry. Most students demonstrated a high level of interest and commitment thought out the unit.


As a tradition of DARA, the tutors shared their research areas and also invited a former DARA trainee (Martin Mutie - currently a PhD student) to share the research work. The sessions were very exciting as students had a feel of the diversity of the research areas and the application of the skills they gained. From the discussion held on the last day of the training, some of the students confirmed to have developed interest in astronomy and astronomy related courses and were interested in taking them as career paths if offered scholarships.


The certificate award ceremony was graced by the chairman of the department of Physics of The Technical University of Kenya (TUK).

This training event was co-sponsored by the EU 'Jumping JIVE' project which is facilitating and supporting the participation of expert lecturers from multiple EU institutes in the DARA programme. This EU project is also funding a number further opportunities for training and education in both Africa and the EU.  The JUMPING JIVE project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730884

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