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Kingsley is a PhD student at the University of Leeds researching on 'testing models of periodic methanol masers' under the supervision of Prof Melvin Hoare and Dr Julian Pittard. He obtained his MPhil in Radiation Protection and BSc in Physics from the University of Ghana, School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology respectively. He was a member of the Local Science Commissioning Team of the AVN Ghana project and a trained Telescope Operator at the Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory (GRAO). Prior to his PhD studies, he worked on contract with the Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute as a Telescope Operator. Kingsley was part of the first cohort students for the DARA basic training program in Radio Astronomy which led to him gaining funding for his PhD studies.

PhD| University of Leeds

Testing models of periodic methanol masers

- Professor Melvin Hoare

  (University of Leeds, UK)

- Dr Julian Pittard

  (University of Leeds, UK)

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