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MSc| University of Hertfordshire

Radio Recombination lines with KuGARS & MeerGAL

- Dr Mark. A. Thompson
  (University of Hertfordshire, UK)

- Dr Sharmila Goedhart

   (SKA – South Africa, UK)


Mubela was a masters student at the University of Hertfordshire where he developed data reduction techniques for On The Fly Map observations and carrying out research on Radio Recombination lines with the Ku-band Galactic Reconnaissance Survey (KuGARS) data from the Janksy Very Large Array.

Prior to his Masters, he obtained a bachelor of science with a double major in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Zambia. While there, for his undergraduate project, he studied Tomographic Imaging of the Ionospheric Structure and Disturbances in the East-Central Africa region. He went on to publish a short paper on this topic in the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) 2013 conference proceedings. Between his BSc and MSc, Mubela worked as a tutor in the department of physics at the University of Zambia and took part in the DARA astronomy training program that led to his MSc scholarship.

Following his MSc, Mubela’s immediate career plan will be to get a PhD position. He plans to focus his research on Star formation and star forming regions – particularly on Ultracompact and Hypercompact HII regions.

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