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MSc | University of Nairobi
OH (1665 MHz) Maser Spectra Variability in NGC 6334F
- Dr Gordon MacLeod
  (HartRAO, SA)
- Dr. Okeng’o G
  (University of Nairobi, Kenya)
- Dr. Kaduki
  (University of Nairobi, Kenya)

Peter was a masters of science student at the University of Nairobi in Kenya, supervised by Dr Gordon MacLeod (HartRAO), Dr Okeng’o G (Kenya) and Dr Kaduki (Kenya). Peter was working on a project titled OH (1665 MHz) Maser Spectra Variability in NGC 6334F.

Peter was born in a town called Chipata in Zambia. After completion of his secondary school studies, he enrolled to Nkrumah College of Education (now Kwame Nkrumah University) from which he obtained a diploma in education in 2007.Then Peter joined the Ministry of Education and served as a teacher of science at Petauke Day Secondary school.

In 2010, Peter enrolled to the University of Zambia and in 2014 he was awarded a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with a major in Physics. In 2015, Peter participated in the basic radio astronomy training which later led to the award of the scholarship for the masters.

Prior to the start of the masters, Peter worked as a lecturer at Northern Technical college (Nortec) where he taught Physics and Engineering Science.

Upon completing his masters, Peter would like to do a PhD in radio astronomy so that he can be well equipped to participate in the AVN and SKA projects as a researcher and also be able to give back to the community through teaching and outreach programs.

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