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MPhil| University of Mauritius
SETI at radio wavelengths from selected habitable southern exo-planets
Dr Nalini Heeralall-Issur
University of Mauritius
Associate Supervisors:
Prof David C Cullen  
- Cranfield University, UK
Dr Doobayparsad Baijnath 
 - University of Mauritius
Prof Michael Garett
 - University of Manchester, UK

Ramiro is currently a MPhil student working under the supervision of Dr Nalini Heeralall-Issur at University of Mauritius.  His research primarily focuses on finding habitable southern exo-planets. An appropriate criteria will be developed to select `habitable' exo-planets with possible signs of life and which may also have had time to develop an intelligent form of life, considering both the host star characteristics as well as evolution time-scales of planetary systems and evolution time-scales of different possible forms of life.


Prior to this MPhil DARA scholarship, Ramiro participated in the DARA 2017-18 Basic Training Programme. Ramiro also attended the Winter Interferometry School in South Africa 2019. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Physics at Eduardo Mondlane University. During the time he was at university he was selected to become assistant in the subject of introduction to astronomy and astrophysics, Ramiro was responsible for teaching practical lessons.


Ramiro was the focal point of the outreach project in Mozambique funded by DARA. One of his passions is teaching where he has dedicated his time to do outreach, mainly teaching astronomy in secondary schools, as well as taking astronomy to the communities.


Prior to the start of his studies at University of Mauritius, he worked in a secondary school as an mathematics teacher. Aside from his leisure activities, he occupies himself with programmes about leadership. He is a lover of nature, adventure and soccer.


After this MPhil Ramiro would like to pursue a PhD in radio astronomy and further a postdoctoral position in astrophysics. Other goals include working with the AVN and SKA team in developing radio astronomy in Africa, as well teaching in local universities. 

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