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PhD| University of Central Lancashire
The properties of giant molecular clouds in nearby galaxies and their environmental variation.
-Dr Jason Kirk
(University of Central Lancashire)
-Prof Derek Ward-Thompson
(University of Central Lancashire)
-Dr Anne E. Sansom
(University of Central Lancashire)

Saul is currently a PhD student working under the supervision of Dr Jason Kirk in the stellar group in the school of physical sciences and computing at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). His research mainly focuses on physical properties and distribution of giant molecular clouds (GMCs) in nearby galaxies the sites of star formation. Of particular interest to his work, is the evolution of GMCs in different galactic environments and their star formation rates.

Before his PhD, Saul underwent DARA basic training programme in radio astronomy which led to his opportunity for DARA advanced PhD sponsorship. He is a dedicated volunteer for Southern African Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (SAROAD) and a member of the IAU national outreach committee for Zambia. He has taught Physics in high school (Ndola Girls National Technical, Lwengu and Nyimba boarding) and undergraduates at a local university (Copperbelt University). He holds a BSc Physics (2014) and MSc in Mathematical Sciences (2016) were his research focused on Observation Cosmology from the Copperbelt University and African institute for mathematical sciences (Senegal) respectively.

Upon completion of his PhD, Saul intends to go back to Zambia and join the local university to continue teaching and engage in scientific research collaborations with other institutions in the field which will put him in a better position to participate in the SKA and AVN research projects. He will continue with outreach programs to enhance the communication of scientific ideas to the community and as a way of giving back to the community.

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