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PhD| University of Leeds

A search for non-thermal radio emission from massive young stellar objects

- Professor Melvin Hoare

  (University of Leeds, UK)

- Dr. Stuart Lumsden

  (University of Leeds, UK)

Willice was a PhD research in Astrophysics at the University of Leeds under the supervision of Dr Stuart Lumsden and Professor Melvin Hoare. He holds two masters degrees, the most recent being in astrophysics and space science from the University of Cape Town and another in physics from Moi University. Willice's primary research interest involved the use of jets from massive young stellar objects to study massive star formation. In addition to science work, he is also a trained teacher with eight years of teaching experience, five as a high school teacher, teaching both physics and mathematics in a Kenyan public school, two as a mathematics or physics tutor at the University of Cape Town and one year as part-time physics lecturer at Rongo University College.

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