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Zambia Unit 1

Published 6th February 2020

Dr Mark Birkinshaw, University of Bristol, UK

13-24 January 2020

University of Zambia, Zambia 

Ten Zambian students with interests in physics and astronomy recently completed their unit 1 DARA training at the University of Zambia in Lusaka. The training event was organised by the Faculty of Natural Sciences at UNZA, under the guidance of Dr Habatwa Mweene. Prof Mark Birkinshaw from the University of Bristol provided lectures, workshops, and problems classes on topics in astronomy and astrophysics ranging from the properties of planets to the large-scale structure of the Universe, assisted by Gift Sichone (UNZA). Students coped well with fast-paced coverage of the topics and are motivated to continue learning about radio astrophysical techniques in later DARA units.

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