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Zambia Unit 1

Published 11 January 2018

Dr Mark Thompson, University of Hertfordshire, UK

6 - 17 November 2017

University of Zambia, Zambia 

Twelve students with backgrounds in mathematics, engineering and physics recently completed their Unit 1 training in Zambia and the University of Zambia in Lusaka. The event was organised by the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Zambia, expertly led by the Dean of the Faculty, Dr Habatwa Mweene.  Dr Mark Thompson from the University of Hertfordshire gave lectures and numerical workshops on introductory astronomy and astrophysics, ranging from the solar system to cosmology and the recent discovery of gravitational waves. Covering the entire Universe in two weeks meant that the course was intense but the students were more than up to the rapid pace and showed great interest in radio astronomy, the African VLBI Network and science outreach to high school students.

DARA-Zambia Student Cohort 2017-18
Students attending lectures
Students attending lectures
Students attending lectures
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