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MPhil | University of Mauritius
Construction of a ground station to communicate with a CubeSAT ​
- Associate Professor Heeralall-Issur Nalini
(University of Mauritius)
- Dr. David Cullen
(University of Cranfield, UK)

Sheeksha is an MPhil student at the University of Mauritius under the supervision of associate professor Heeralall-Issur Nalini and Dr. Cullen David. She obtained her degree in BSc (Hons) Physics with minor in Astrophysics and completed a post-graduate diploma in Information Technology at the University of Technology Mauritius.


She has worked on the design and construction of a prototype Vivaldi antenna Mid-frequency Aperture array during her undergraduate. The aim was to understand the concept of this type of antenna as it would be used in the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), which Mauritius is part of her MPhil project focuses on the construction of a ground station to communicate with a CubeSAT. She will work on the mounting of the antenna. Once operational, she will use it to track, collect and process the data from the first satellite developed and launched by Mauritians, named MIR-SAT1. CubeSATs are affordable satellites of size 10 cm cube with a mass of 1.33kg. With this project, Sheeksha expects to contribute in the evolution of wireless communication technology and extend its use for astronomical researches.


Before joining the DARA Basic Training Programme, Sheeksha worked as a specialist in an IT Company where she acquired a good exposure of a corporate environment. However, her main objective has always remained to complete her studies up to at least a doctorate level. Upon completion of her studies, she wants to undertake a career in astronomy as a researcher and use her knowledge and expertise to create accessible and affordable opportunities in this field, in underprivileged countries.

She strongly believes that,  “No matter how long the journey is, it will always take you to what you are really passionate about, so never give up!”

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